Thanks for the sentiment, Kevin Durant, but Michael Beasley seems like he would rather stick with the Knicks next season than bolt to the Warriors’ juggernaut. Durant talked a lot about his DC buddy Beasley in his postgame press conference Tuesday night after the Knicks’ 123-112 loss at Golden State, lavishing plaudits on his skill level and agreeing with his friend’s controversial preseason assessment that he “matches up talent-wise” with LeBron James and Durant. But KD saved his bombshell nugget for the San Jose Mercury News, saying how “amazing’’ it would be to play with Beasley next season on the Warriors, who won’t have cap space but will wield the $5.3 million taxpayer exception. Beasley was flattered by his buddy’s remarks and acknowledged they have talked about being NBA teammates since they were kids. But Beasley said he would prefer to make New York his home. Beasley, an impending free agent, told The Post he’s tired of moving and hopes his scoring prowess this season will earn him a long-term spot as a Knick. He also said it wouldn’t be appropriate to start fantasizing about playing with the Warriors next season.