Tuesday was a tough day for the Buehrle family. Especially Jamie Buehrle, animal rights advocate and wife of the new Marlins' pitcher. "She's 200 percent into this," said Mark Buehrle, the All-Star left-hander. "I help out when I can, but she's constantly trying to save dogs, trying to get dogs out of shelters where they're going to be put down." That's why it was so disappointing for the Buehrles to see House Bill 997, for which they recently taped two public-service announcements, get bogged down in a budgetary subcommittee. The measure, which would effectively repeal a Miami-Dade County restriction on pit bulls, fell one vote short of making it to the House floor. With the Florida Legislature set to break on March 9, the bill isn't dead yet, but it's going to need a late-inning rally.