The saga that is Gerald Willis has taken yet another twist. According to Peter Ariz of the Miami Herald, Willis is back enrolled in classes at Miami. Back in July, the football program announced that the defensive lineman would be taking a leave of absence and would not be playing for the football Hurricanes in 2017. While Willis is back in classes, Ariz has further confirmed that the lineman will, still, not be a playing member of the ‘Canes this season. Willis, who would be eligible for the 2018 NFL draft if he so desires, “could have the option of rejoining the team in January with one more year of eligibility,” per Aziz. This development is the latest in a series of them involving the talented lineman. A transfer from Florida, Willis was forced to sit out the 2015 season to satisfy NCAA bylaws. He was also suspended by The U for the 2016 opener for violating unspecified team rules.