Justise Winslow is not oblivious to the criticism surrounding his game. He knows he needs to become a better outside shooter. “It’s a huge priority for me,” said Winslow, who is entering his third NBA season. “But also in the big picture as far as the team and that second unit. If I’m knocking that down then we’ve pretty much got five 3-point shooters out there, five guys that can put it on the ground. That second unit will be really special. I don’t want it to be my fault with the spacing and all that. I’m putting in the time and that’s all I know.” Winslow was the last Heat player on the practice court Tuesday, working on his shot for about an hour after practice. He continued to take jumper after jumper as coaches watched on from the side. And it’s not just Tuesday. Winslow has dedicated his offseason to improving his outside shot, setting a goal to make at least 500 shots per day and even taking Heat shooting coach Rob Fodor with him on his five-day trip to Singapore in August. “They see how hard I’m working,” Winslow said when asked about the support he’s received from Heat coaches. “How much of an emphasis I’ve been putting on [my shot] this summer just to get better. They’ve been great. Everybody from the top down — ball boys, coaches, trainers. I think they’ve seen my commitment and when you see a guy commit like this, it’s hard not to jump along.”