No shocker here, but Dwyane Wade pretty much hates the Celtics. Before Monday’s game, Wade said he respects the Eastern Conference rival but also has a “hatred” for Boston that’s not there for other teams. “Playoffs, battles — I don’t have this history with other teams like I do with the Celtics. Every year, we’ve been booked to play them in the playoffs in some way — first round, Eastern Conference finals … second round. So, it’s a dislike.” For Wade and the Celtics, the history runs deep and caustic. Entering Monday’s game, the Heat had lost 10 in a row at Boston in the regular season. In the postseason, the Heat has faced Boston twice in the past two years. But hate isn’t the same as loathing. Despite his strong feelings, Wade still holds the Celtics in high regard. “No doubt about it, I respect those guys,” Wade said. “You respect guys when you see them later, but when you play each other, it’s a dislike.” Even Wade’s friendship with Celtics coach Doc Rivers is put on hold during game. “I like Doc Rivers. He’s a Marquette guy, so I like him,” Wade said. “But after the game and not before.” Read more here: