Do not confuse the message. Yes, LeBron James thinks victories against the top teams in the Eastern Conference are unimportant during the regular season, but that doesn't mean the Heat isn't concerned about teams such as the Pacers come the playoffs. James said Friday night in Indianapolis that he wasn't worried about the Heat's losing record against Eastern Conference contenders. "We don't need victories versus top-four teams to prove what we're capable of doing," James said. "We don't need them. We'd love to have them, but we don't need them." In other words, this is just the regular season. Remove the Nets from the equation and the Heat is now 0-5 against the East's top teams. Miami is 0-2 against the Knicks, 0-1 against the Bulls and, after Friday's 102-89 loss to the Pacers, 0-2 against Indiana. Cause for concern? James said no in his postgame comments, and Dwyane Wade echoed that sentiment. "I would love to win every game against all the top teams," Wade said. "Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. All you need to do during the regular season is work your game."