Feel-good stories have a shelf life. For some, the end includes triumph, an outcome befitting the against-all-odds mantra. For others, the conclusion is more of a cold truth, a free-fall back toward reality after hovering, improbably, dimensions above it.

Right now, a mere one game into the 2020 NBA Finals, the Miami Heat's Cinderella push appears fast-tracked for the less elegant wrap-up.

Goran Dragic's injury is part of this seemingly abrupt end. He suffered a plantar tear in his left foot during the Los Angeles Lakers' 116-98 victory over Miami on Monday night, leaving his status for the rest of the series in obvious doubt at best, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Overcoming his absence, however long it lasts, feels like a non-starter. He was the Heat's leading postseason scorer entering Monday's loss, and they don't have the secondary shot creation behind Jimmy Butler to guarantee offensive solvency without the 34-year-old point guard.