For so long, Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem has always known his exact positioning on the court. That changed when he returned this postseason after undergoing early-season foot surgery. As he works his way back into the rotation, he finds himself asking teammates for help. Among those to receive the most questions is forward Chris Bosh. "He's been great in this process for me in helping me out," Haslem said. "He even told me where I needed to be a couple times on the court. I usually know where I need to be, but everything was going so fast, a couple times I went blank." The once confident Haslem now takes a backseat to Bosh when the two are in the game together. He lets Bosh choose which side of the paint he prefers on offense. Bosh also gets first choice on picking who to defend until Haslem's comfort level returns to where it was before the injury. Haslem underwent left foot surgery to repair ligament damage in November, missing the remainder of the regular season and the first playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers. He made his debut in Game 4 of the conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics, but Wednesday was his first significant impact. An effective Haslem allows the Heat to get creative with their lineups, playing Bosh at center. "It's all pretty much the same," Bosh said. "It just getting to the same spacing on the court. UD has been in the system for a while. He's been sitting back and watching. It's just a matter of him getting his legs under him so he can be in the right spots. Other than that, he's going to read and react to make the right plays." The Heat will continue to bring Haslem along slowly. Proof came when he was held out of Friday's practice for precautionary reasons. He will be in lineup for Sunday's Game 3 at AmericanAirlines Arena, but wanted to avoid any lingering soreness.