The Miami Heat‘s rollercoaster performance this season has left much to admire, and Trevor Ariza, one of the team’s recent veteran pickups, spoke candidly on their chances of making a successful playoff run.

Following the Heat’s rough loss to a Zach LaVine-less Chicago Bulls on April 26, Ariza revealed Miami is now firmly in desperation mode to turn things around.

“We have to focus on these last 10 and play ‘em like our playoff lives depended on ‘em, because they do,” Ariza said, who joined the Heat in March. “The seeding is important. So whatever we do, we have to do it knowing that we can be in the play-in situation or we can be seeded and set and ready to go.”

These next 10 games are crucial for the Heat. They will decide whether or not the team gets a break before the playoffs, or if they will jump right in on May 22 to eke out an all-or-nothing play-in game.