When you've won back-to-back championships and look to be the favorites in your quest for a third straight title, you don't really need to add much to your résumé. Your accomplishments have already separated you from most teams in NBA history and finding new ways to impress your observers could be challenging. A new way impress the basketball viewer is to become the best shooting team in NBA history. Last season, the Miami Heat made 49.6 percent of their shots with an effective field goal percentage (accounting for the extra point on a 3-point shot) of 55.2 percent. That effective field goal percentage was the highest of all time, topping the 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers that put up a 55.1 effective field goal percentage. During that season, the Lakers had the highest field goal percentage by a team in NBA history with 54.5 percent. No other team has ever approached a field goal percentage that high. One reason they shot so high was they didn't use the 3-point line all that much. As a team, the '85 Lakers took just 295 3-pointers on the season. To put that in perspective, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and Mario Chalmers all individually shot more than 300 3-pointers in 2012-13. Because of the 3-point shot, last year's Heat team ended up having the best shooting season in NBA history.