At the famous racetrack some 10 miles west of the basketball arena here, the Indianapolis 500 had barely ended Sunday when more than 200,000 race fans got their priorities straight. Spontaneously a mammoth chant of “Beat the Heat!” broke out, spilling all across this city in a hungry, angry shout and erupting anew that night as the Pacers hosted Miami. The Heat’s response to all of that venom and noise? It could not have been more emphatic short of the NBA’s reigning kings wearing their gaudy championship rings during the game and using them as brass knuckles. You wanted a statement, Miami? Your Heat just said, “Not yet. Sit down. We’re not done.” The visitors in the black jerseys and metaphorical black hats responded Sunday to all that wanted to crush them. The champs had an answer — for everything. For that chant and for the Pacers who inspired it. For the doubts that had begun to seep in. For the critics laying dormant but poised to pounce. For the concerns that LeBron James was getting too little help. For the very notion, however premature, that a repeat championship seemed to be running away from the Heat. Answered — all of it.