Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline admits he was "kind of curious" about his value as a free agent on the open market. But his curiosity didn't get very far. Hartline bypassed free agency Friday, signing a five-year, $30.7 million contract ($12.5 million guaranteed) to remain with the Dolphins. Hartline said free agency would have been more "lucrative" but he said taking less money is an indication of his excitement about the team's future. "It just shows how much more important it is for me to be in this organization and be in South Florida, and what we're growing, than it is to just chase the top dollar," he said. It was a similar story for backup quarterback Matt Moore, who signed a two-year, $8 million deal to return to the Dolphins. Moore, regarded among the league's best backups, opted not to become a free agent and pursue a starting job with another team. "I think this team is definitely going places," he said. "There's big things to come and I didn't want to miss out."