The Miami Dolphins hope to draft a quarterback in the NFL Draft, which runs April 25 to 27. Sources says the team, which has been doing much work on draft-eligible quarterbacks, plans to add at least one before going to training camp in July.

But if there’s no question the team will be adding at least one more quarterback this offseason, the big question is whether that player will come via a premium draft pick — such as in the first round — which would instantly put expectations on that player to eventually be Miami’s starter.

The team has met, studied and worked out practically every quarterback who is first-round candidate, and a team source confirms the most recent of those will be Duke’s Daniel Jones, who is scheduled to work out for the Dolphins this week.

Jones is expected to be a late first- or early second-round selection.

But while there’s no straight answer whether the Dolphins will be adding a top-tier quarterback the night of April 25, what some people forget is the Dolphins have need for a backup quarterback.

The team seriously needs to add competition to the quarterback room because right now unproven Luke Falk and Jake Rudock are the only backup quarterback options — the weakest backup quarterback options the team have had in years.