The Miami Dolphins locker room after Monday night’s 45-21 whipping at the hands of the Carolina Panthers was a place with a lot of stiff upper lips. Coach Adam Gase, whose team has been embarrassed twice the past three weeks on national television, told his players to put those three national television games behind them and move forward rather than feel sorry for themselves. And the players who were on the wrong end of the dominating night by the Carolina Panthers seemed convinced good things are yet to come. “Adam said it really well in the locker room, that’s three weeks out of 16,” quarterback Jay Cutler said. “There’s a lot of football left. The pieces are in that locker room. I truly believe that. I have been around a lot of good teams, there [are] a lot of good guys in there, a lot of talent. And there’s really good coaches. So we just have to get back to work. That’s the only thing we can do. We can’t fold up shop because there’s a lot of football left to play and anything can happen.” That sentiment echoed throughout the locker room. Sure, different men struck different chords, but the message was about the same.