Coaching contract extensions in college have become so commonplace that the updates are often more about maintenance or recruiting than sweeping long-term commitments. Ohio State is in a unique situation with Urban Meyer, whose 24 wins in two seasons would be grounds for leverage in today's landscape but whose original deal from 2012 is a hefty one -- worth a reported average of $4.44 million over six years plus several performance-based incentives. Ohio State AD Gene Smith told that Meyer's dollars will eventually change to keep up with the marketplace, but not yet -- and possibly not until he wins big. "We started out with a good contract. The timing was right," Smith said. "The dollars will eventually change at some point because the market's changing, Nick Saban and all that. Urban's still in the top 10. He's probably in the top 8, he came in at top 5, he's probably slidden, he might be in the top 8 now. There will be a time, probably when he wins a championship, or there's some elite performance of that nature where we need to look at the market again. He's bonused extremely well. We have a huge bonus on that side." USA Today's salary data from late last season ranked Meyer No. 6 overall at $4.608 million. Meyer's Big Ten championship loss to Michigan State was costly. According to reports of his contract details, a conference title would have earned Meyer $100,000 plus another year added to his deal. He did likely make an additional $50,000 from winning the Leaders Division and $150,000 for going to a BCS bowl and finishing in the top 10 of the final BCS standings.