Morales said World Peace would be "upset" if the Lakers amnesty him, and that he would even consider retirement if any team with room to fit him under the salary cap claimed him off waivers. Those teams would have the first opportunity to claim him. "If the Lakers do amnesty him, he might want to retire," Morales said. "If one of these small-market teams picks him up, he won't be happy with that. He doesn't want to play there." Morales said World Peace would also be open to playing for the Clippers, but if he can't stay in Los Angeles he would only want to play in New York, his hometown. "If the Lakers amnesty him, he's going to have a point to prove that he can still be that player in New York," Morales said. If World Peace ended up in New York, he would be an ideal candidate to start at small forward and play alongside Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are in the market for a wing player who can defend and stretch the floor with 3-point shooting. World Peace, if available, would arguably be the best candidate to fill that role, and being that he's from the city, he would be an obvious choice. Morales also said money is not a factor in World Peace's next destination, as he'll still get paid $7.7 million from the Lakers through the 2013-14 season if he's amnestied. "Whatever he makes next is an added bonus," Morales said. "Playing with a team that has a chance with the championship would be even better. He loves the Knicks.