It sounds as if David Wright finally has come to the realization — and to grips with — the likelihood that the end is near. Wright spoke for the first time this spring at Mets camp on Saturday, and while he admirably refuses to give up on his multi-year quest to make it back to the field following multiple surgeries, the hobbled captain fully understands why the organization signed Todd Frazier as a more permanent replacement at third base this offseason. He also understands why the Mets simply and clearly could not wait for him any longer. “I’m going to give it my best shot, certainly. I probably have a lot of the same questions that you’re asking me, and a lot of people are asking of me. Because I just don’t know,” Wright said when asked in the home dugout at First Data Field how realistic he believes a return this season would be for him. “It’s certainly been an uphill climb for me, so I guess to honestly answer your question, I don’t know. I’m not sure what the expectation is. “I’d love to play again, but my body’s got to hold up and it’s gonna have to cooperate with me a little bit.” Wright’s body has gone through more pain and trouble in the past few seasons than any pro athlete should have to endure, from the spinal stenosis that first was diagnosed in 2015 to the neck, back and shoulder surgeries the seven-time All-Star third baseman has undergone over the past two lost years of his career.