The Mets covet Joe Panik. They discussed working out a deal for the Giants’ All-Star second baseman internally this winter, a front office source said. The Giants need a center fielder and they — and other teams — have expressed interest in former Gold Glove center fielder Juan Lagares. But, realistically, that is not a deal the Mets want to make right now, the source said. Talk of a straight-up trade of Panik for Lagares started Tuesday, but by the morning the Mets’ front office and industry insiders were downplaying the possibility. First, the Giants would have to get more than just Lagares back for Panik and the Mets’ list of prospects is very thin. Second, the Mets are concerned about their outfield depth at this point. With Michael Conforto continuing his rehab from last fall’s dislocated shoulder and surgery to repair the anterior capsule, the Mets do not know who their Opening Day center fielder will be. Conforto is not expected back until May, so they are planning to platoon Lagares and Nimmo there. “There’s a long way to go. We’re excited about either option at this point and we’re going to see how spring training plays out and then do what we think is best for the team when the time comes to make some kind of decision,” Mickey Callaway said Wednesday. “We’re already looking for outfielders to possibly bring in to camp for insurance and we’ve got enough infielders,” the source said. “(Panik) was a player that was discussed very early on, right now I would say it’s not something that’s on the radar.” But trading Lagares eventually this year isn’t exactly a wild notion.