Smoke machines. Lasers. Dimmed lights. Thumping music. Dancing Mets.

The first-place New York Mets celebrate wins this season with dance parties in a darkened Mets clubhouse, with the lights turned out and a spotlight for anyone who wants to jive and shimmy after a victory. Smoke machines spew a steady stream of fog through the clubhouse and lasers flash bright colors on the dressing room dance floor.

“It’s kind of like a club,” said J.D. Davis.

No win is too big or too small. The party goes just as hard for a blowout win as it does for a walk-off.

The playlist varies at these mini-dance parties. Sometimes it’s Narco by Blasterjaxx & Timmy Trumpet, now well-known as Edwin Diaz’s pulsating entrance music, blaring through the clubhouse speakers. Other times the music is the dealer’s choice.