The dinner was good. It was the presentation that was a little overdone. With a long list of needs to rebuild the Mets, Sandy Alderson was willing to listen Monday night when Robinson Cano’s agents, including hip-hop impresario Jay Z, asked to make a presentation to the Mets general manager and front office. Alderson, COO Jeff Wilpon and assistant GM John Ricco had a “nice dinner,” are willing to listen and keep talking, but are unlikely to sign the All-Star second baseman. “They requested a meeting,” Alderson said of the get-together at the NoMad Hotel at 28th and Broadway. “We had a nice dinner. They made a presentation. We talked generally. And that was it. As I said, we were approached.” The presentation included Power-point and pamphlets, and Jay Z was very actively involved in the presentation, Alderson said. Still, the Mets GM realizes this probably is not a fit. “I had said last week that I didn’t foresee contracts in the $100 million range for the Mets this offseason,” Alderson said. “I think that statement still pertains. “On the other hand, we are committed to improving the team,” Alderson said. “And we will explore whatever possibilities arise, however remote the eventual outcome.” Alderson said he was open to talking further with Cano’s agents, but it is unlikely there is common ground there with Cano reportedly asking for a $300 million-plus, 10-year deal. Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Alderson said the Mets’ payroll will be “at least” the same as in 2013; he put that figure at $87 million for this past season. The Mets have $25 million committed to David Wright and Jonathon Niese and an estimated $16 million that will be spent on players through arbitration. Cano’s representatives at Jay Z’s burgeoning Roc Nation reportedly walked away from a seven-year, $160 million offer from the Yankees. So even though the parties are not an obvious match, it was no surprise Cano’s camp called the Mets. It was also not surprising that, as Alderson said, the news leaked “minutes after dessert.” “I think you have to go into these situations with the understanding that at some point they will become public,” Alderson said. “But at the same time, we felt it would be useful enough for us to meet Jay Z and (agent) Brodie (Van Wagenen), whether it’s in connection with Robinson Cano or some future client that they may have. So I’m not surprised it became public. And that certainly factored into our decision to have the meeting, but didn’t deter us.”