Francisco Lindor is lost.

He’s lost at the plate, where he’s frustrated with the lack of results and the .185 batting average glaring at him through his first 40-plus games with the Mets. He’s lost while he tries to understand why any type of offensive boom continues to elude him. He’s lost as he attempts to imitate a more successful version of himself, a hitter who commanded the league’s attention four years ago.

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Lindor, who trudged a .268 slugging percentage and just nine RBI into the team’s series against the Braves this weekend, said again and again he’s working hard. He’s trying to find his barrel-to-ball path, believing in the process, lifting weights, hitting in the cage, and sticking to an approach that’s worked in the past.

“I’m not tired,” he said. “I’m ready to go. I’m trying my best. It’s just, I’m not having the success.”

In Lindor’s words, he’s doing everything like he’s normally done every single year. Still, he said, his results at the plate have been inconsistent.

“I’m working as hard as I can, I’m doing everything I can,” Lindor said on Saturday. “There’s not a day that I come to the field and say, ‘I want to strike out today three or four times,’ or ‘I just don’t want to get a hit.’ I’m working. I’m working extremely hard, and I can’t wait to have results.”