New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor had a unique story following a 5-4 extra-innings win against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday, one which attributed a commotion in the dugout tunnel to a rat and raccoon.

Lindor and second baseman Jeff McNeil misplayed a popup in the top of the seventh inning, and following the half-inning, Mets players were seen running into the tunnel between the dugout and clubhouse where Lindor and McNeil had retreated.

After the game, Lindor said that he and McNeil were having a disagreement in the tunnel about if he saw a rat or McNeil saw a raccoon.

“It was funny; I told him ‘hey I’ve never seen a New York rat,’” Lindor said. “So we went down sprinting. I wanted to go see a New York rat. He got mad at me and was like ‘No, it’s not a rat, it’s a raccoon,’ and I was like ‘hell no, man. It’s a damn rat.’