There was a time when he was a legitimate thief, a threat to opposing pitchers who underestimated his legs. One season, David Wright stole 34 bases. Another, he stole 27. But over the last three years – Wright’s age 27, 28 and 29 seasons – he has been less of a headache. Wright has not stolen 20 bases since 2009, and has not stolen 30 since 2007. Might that be changing? Is a base robber returning to his roots? Wright stole two bags on opening day and swiped six during the month of April. At that pace, he would have a shot to hit 30 by season’s end. But Wright said the statistical uptick is not a conscious decision, simply a case of six opportunities that were too good to let pass. "When the situation presents itself, I feel like I have the ability to take a base here and there," Wright said. "But I’m not going to steal bases for the sake of trying to get a certain [number of] bases or for the sake of doing it. I’m going to do it for a reason." Wright said he looks for certain counts, certain situations, when it makes more sense to take a shot. He has worked with first base coach Tom Goodwin to spot these counts and situations.