For one night, the Scott Kazmir trade didn’t look so bad. Just short of a decade since the disastrous deal that sent the Mets’ former top prospect to Tampa Bay, Kazmir came to Citi Field on Tuesday for his first-ever appearance in Queens, sporting the American League’s best ERA (2.08). The A’s ace and two-time All-Star left looking about as overpowering as Victor Zambrano — the Mets’ abysmal return in the 2004 trade — after being battered around by the team that drafted him in the first round in 2002, for seven runs and eight hits over three innings, while allowing three home runs in Oakland’s 10-1 loss. After 10 years of anger and bewilderment and wondering what could have been, the punch lines were paused for one night. “It’s one of those outings where anything that could go wrong, did go wrong,” said Kazmir, whose ERA jumped to 2.66. “I’ll be able to push this one [aside, but] it’s going to take all night. … I felt like I had a good approach up there and didn’t execute.”