After contemplating transferring from the University of Memphis, redshirt freshman guard Pookie Powell has decided to remain a Tiger, a source confirmed Thursday afternoon. The news broke yesterday that Powell was considering leaving the program over a conflict of interest with Josh Pastner, but it appears as if he has changed his mind. "Pookie is two feet in," Pastner stressed. "He is on the caravan moving forward." The 6-foot-0 guard wanted to go to California this summer to work with former Tigers' trainer Frank Matrisciano, a move led by his father, RaShawn Powell Sr. While Josh Pastner was okay with Powell doing so for the month of May, he made it clear that Powell must be back on campus for summer school in June. After all, Powell was deemed ineligible by the NCAA for the 2013-14 season. In my opinion, it made the most sense for Powell to return to Memphis. He has already gone through the hard part, given that he couldn't practice or travel with the team all of last season. Plus, if he had decided to leave, Powell would have likely ended up in junior college, which would have been a major setback in his young career. So what does Powell's decision mean for next season? Well, his return doesn't add experience at the Division I level, but it certainly adds value to the Tigers' depth chart. Powell was rated as a four-star, and a top-20 point guard in the 2013 class by 247Sports, and has at least spent a year on campus getting stronger and learning the system. That has to count for something. And other than potentially Avery Woodson, Powell may be the best long-range shooter for Memphis next year, too. If he doesn't wind up winning the starting job, there is no doubt that Powell will play impact minutes for the Tigers in 2014-15. He is extremely athletic, and can jump out of the gym. In fact, some have compared his style of play to that of Joe Jackson.