The Carmelo Anthony bashers can have at it this time all they want, they can come out of the woodwork in force, they can call him an overrated ballhog, they can call him Little Anthony, whatever they please, because he gave them the green light yesterday keeping the Celtics alive the way he did. Melo took it upon himself to try to take all of his shots and J.R. Smith’s too, tried to carry the Knicks to their first playoff series triumph in 13 years with Smith serving his irresponsible one-game suspension, and dropped them with a thud instead. It was Raymond Felton who stepped up in Smith’s untimely absence to lead the Knicks back from 20 points down in the third quarter, it was Felton who poured in 16 points in a scintillating third quarter of Feltonsanity to get them to the precipice of sweep revenge, and it was Melo who tried to do too much and did much too little in the Celtics’ 97-90 overtime Game 4 victory. “When the game is on the line,” Felton said, “you’re going to give the ball to No. 7.” But here is what No. 7 did with the ball: He scored 36 points. On 35 shots. The other eight Knicks combined for 55 shots. By contrast, Paul Pierce scored 29 points. On 20 shots. It was a display of one-on-five, let’s-stand-around-and-watch-Melo basketball that undoubtedly had Red Holzman rolling over in his grave, the antithesis of his hit-the-open-man mantra. For a guy who tells us over and over how much he trusts his teammates, Anthony trusted no one but himself in crunch time, seemingly obsessed with trying to foul out Brandon Bass and Jeff Green and Pierce and maybe Tommy Heinsohn, too.