Carmelo Anthony, who is battling a sore left shoulder, was asked yesterday yesterday if he will play in Game 1 today against the Pacers. “I ain’t dead. I’m here,” he said. “I’ll be ready to rock at 3:30.” Anthony said he can play and denies that his shoulder is coming out of its socket, but the injury remains troubling for the Knicks. In each of the last two games, Anthony has aggravated the shoulder — getting tangled with Kevin Garnett in Game 5 and getting bumped into by Avery Bradley in Game 6. Coach Mike Woodson said he is a bit worried, but is confident Anthony will play. “There is some concern there, but if Melo tells me he can play, I’m all for Melo,” Woodson said. “If it’s bothering him, we may have to rest him if that may be the case, but he hasn’t come to me.” Anthony said the shoulder “felt pretty good,” and he hasn’t undergone any tests. For at least the next four games, he will be facing the team that originally caused his shoulder woes; on April 14, Anthony was elbowed by Indiana power forward David West. Anthony figures to be matched up against West defensively to start today’s Eastern Conference semifinal matchup. “This is the team where it all started, the shoulder,” Anthony said. “But I don’t want to try to put too much emphasis on my shoulder and things like that. We’re just trying to get this first win.” Anthony said the shoulder isn’t dislocated.