On the night that Kevin Garnett scored his 25,000th career point, rookie Fab Melo reached a milestone of his own. His first NBA basket. "I told him, 'I have 24,998 to go,'" Melo said with a laugh. "Hopefully I'll get there." Melo connected on a reverse layup from Avery Bradley with 1:22 to go in the Boston Celtics 116-95 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. After airballing a hookshot, he settled in -- this was only his second NBA game -- and focused on the hoop. "It felt great," he said. "My teammates wanted to give me my first bucket. I was just waiting to get the ball and tried to make a move to make a basket. On the second one I slowed down and made the bucket." Melo's first basket has extra significance to him. He scored it on his mother's birthday while she watched the game back home in his native Brazil. "It's a good gift for her," he smiled.