These three-plus weeks of training camp have been fast and furious for Dallas Mavericks point guard Gal Mekel. The rookie from Israel basically has been in some sort of baptism by fire as he tries to translate the game he knew back home to the NBA game. And it’s a huge difference between the players in the NBA and what Mekel was accustomed to playing against. “The level, of course, is higher,’’ Mekel said, referring to the NBA. “It’s a much faster game, more athleticism, the bodies are bigger. “Of course it depends also where you stand in the team. I’m a new guy, a rookie here, so of course I need to prove myself.’’ Back home in Israel, there was no proving ground for Mekel. He was the man, as evident by the fact that he was the Most Valuable Player of the Israeli Super League in 2011 and 2013.