In his season debut against the Nationals Jenrry Mejia threw seven scoreless innings. His cutting fastball averaged 93.92-mph according to BrooksBaseball. Against Miami last week the number was 92.73. In the Mets’ 3-2 win over the Rockies Tuesday night it dropped to 91.79. Mejia told reporters Tuesday night that his elbow which will require offseason surgery did not flare up over his 5 1/3 innings against the Rockies like it had last week in Miami. But he did admit to The Star-Ledger that the drop in his velocity was an attempt prevent the elbow discomfort. “You have to lower the velocity so you feel better during the course of the game” Mejia said in Spanish. “You can’t throw hard. You need to throw intelligently so the arm doesn’t start bothering you because everyone knows what I have. It’s better to throw intelligently throw strikes and get outs.” Despite the drop in velocity was cruising Tuesday night through five innings when pinch-hitter Charlie Blackmon led off the sixth. With the first pitch Blackmon tried to bunt his way on. Somehow the ball deflected off his bat and bounced directly into the jaw of home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez. A lengthy delay followed. Gonzalez was removed from the game and the second base umpire switched into the proper gear to replace him. All the while Mejia didn’t throw instead sitting on the bench.