Granted the 2012-13 season was pretty crummy for every Los Angeles Lakers player but consider the plight of Jodie Meeks. After two and a half solid seasons in Philadelphia where Meeks established himself as a valued contributor on playoff teams the sweet-shooting guard signed with L.A. at a discount with the hopes of winning a ring. While he witnessed his teammates go down left and right with injuries as the season wore on Meeks fortunately avoided any health problems. With Kobe Bryant out with a torn Achilles tendon it was Meeks who was on the court at shooting guard in Bryant's place in the regular-season finale against the Houston Rockets driving baseline and throwing down a game-sealing dunk in overtime to secure L.A. the seventh seed in the postseason. But whoever was holding the purple and gold Voodoo doll spared Meeks only for so long. He suffered a third-degree sprain in his left ankle in the Lakers' opening playoff loss to the San Antonio Spurs ending his season three games sooner than his team did after the Lakers' decimated roster was swept by the Spurs. "It was really bad timing" Meeks told in a phone interview from his offseason home in Atlanta on Monday. "I was very frustrated just because selfishly I was like ‘Man I can get as many shots as I want now and I can’t even play.’ "I felt like it was a good opportunity for me to kind of showcase what I could do on a more productive level because the guys were hurt." As this upcoming season approaches all Meeks wants is that opportunity again.