The Redskins finished the 2017 season at 7-9. That’s not a horrible season even by the modest standards of the recent Redskins teams. In the 15 seasons since 2003, they have lost more games than they did this year eight times. And even though the season was more mediocre than disastrous, the bigger picture is more worrisome. In 2015, they were 9-7. Last year the record was 8-7-1. With the win total declining by one again this year, the trend is not what you are looking for. The deterioration in the wins column has not escaped the attention of Jay Gruden. He will remain on the job in 2018 but he knows that things will get dicey if things continue to slide. Another season of December irrelevance, or perhaps even staying relevant but missing out on the playoffs for the fourth time in Gruden’s five seasons, will have his job in jeopardy.