Compromised again by the team's owner, who insists upon reminding people how important he is, Jason Garrett was paraded naked into the town square last week. He wasn't really pantless, of course. But during his 53 minutes at the podium, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys may as well have been. Was he going to call the offensive plays or wasn't he, inquiring minds wanted to know? Was it Garrett's decision to replace all those assistant coaches or not? Every stammer, every hesitation was weighed and tagged by the prying media, CSI: Valley Ranch. Garrett, as it turned out, did not fare well at all under the prying microscopes. He was evasive. At times, defensive. His inability to control the scene was telling. Normally cordial and robotically unforthcoming, Garrett came across as a mid-level manager forced to give a progress report at a meeting he didn't want to attend. We scoundrels in the media have latched onto this play-calling thing, even though we know Garrett will be scourged no matter how he tries to answer.