NBA commissioner Adam Silver is in agony trying to figure out the season restart without a road map and without a way to satisfy everyone.

All roads lead to Orlando, but Silver will have a conference call Thursday with GMs, then another one Friday with NBA owners, to possibly finalize a format.

All week, the commissioner has sought ideas from team executives, players, owners and union officials, so here is one, Adam:

If you dare bring back all 30 teams to Disney World for a late-July resumption — 14 clubs for a handful of meaningless regular-season games — you better have already fixed the lottery standings as of the March 11 season’s suspension.

Otherwise, Silver will host a tankfest in Fantasyland — with the Knicks at the center of it.

There are several permutations between 30 teams and 16 playoff qualifiers. To provide incentive to the also-rans, one proposal has the top 12 teams in each conference coming back. A play-in tournament between the Nos. 9-12 teams could decide the eighth seed in one variation. One reported iteration even involves 12 teams from the West for a play-in, compared to only eight teams from the East, totaling 20 clubs.