Nate McMillan understands Brandon Roy's frustration after he played the three-time All-Star guard less than eight minutes during the Trail Blazers' 101-89 loss to Dallas in Game 2 of their Western Conference playoff series. And the sixth-year Portland coach says he can relate to some of the confusion and emotion Roy feels about his diminished role. But ultimately, McMillan said, he has to put his team over all else in deciding who plays. "The bottom line is making decisions on substitutions is going to be me making those decisions as far as what's best for the team," McMillan said. Roy's comments about his diminished playing time Tuesday - made in a postgame interview with The Oregonian, and published on the newspaper's affiliated website, - turned into hot-button topic in Portland on Wednesday as the Blazers prepared for Thursday's Game 3 at the Rose Garden. Comments on the article were critical of Roy - many harshly - and the issue lit up sports talk radio. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little hurt, or disappointed," Roy said Tuesday night. "But the biggest thing is to keep moving, to try and keep my spirits up. But it's tough man. I just .... I just always thought I would be treated better. That was a little disappointing for me." The Blazers watched film of Tuesday's game and did not practice Wednesday, but McMillan met with reporters at the team's practice facility. He said that he had not read the story but had spoken to Roy about it. "I said to Brandon, there's nobody in this state, including Brandon, that (wants) Brandon on the floor as much as I do," McMillan said.