Here’s what Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie had to say about the eight players he selected in the three-day, seven-round 2014 NFL draft last weekend, and more, in a question-and-answer session with local media: Q: How hard was it after you made the first couple of picks to wait for a couple of hours and how hard did you push to get an added pick? Did you just sit there? McKenzie: “No, I couldn’t just sit there. But it was extremely difficult. I never want to go through that again. We tried to see if we could get some movement, but had no takers. So, we made our picks. We had to wait until Round Seven.” Q: By move, did you mean to move out of the fourth round to get some extra picks? McKenzie: “Move out of the fourth to try to pick up some extra, yes.” Q: You talk all the time about character and the type of players that you want on this team. Today, you went with some players who had some issues in college with their team or with the law. Is that just a case of getting to Day Three and there are no people left and you have to give up something? McKenzie: “Well, it’s twofold. It’s always a chance to redeem themselves. When we get a situation where you give a player an opportunity, a second chance, especially as of late, the issues have not been like it was in the past for them if they learn from it or sometimes a player really feels remorse when he did make a mistake. The key is how do you feel after you have a conversation with the kid and meet with him and talk to all the people that you need to talk to as far who knows him and just trying to get a better feel for him, that particular player. And when you can come away from it saying, ‘I am going to give him a chance,’ or, ‘I’m not.’ That’s when you make a decision. That’s why we made that decision on a couple of the guys today. We did that. I know that you guys were asking about Stacy [McGee] last year. That was a situation that we felt after speaking with Stacy, speaking to all the people down there, we felt comfortable at that time to do that.” Q: Specifically we Shelby, how difficult is it to evaluate a guy that doesn’t play at all this past year? McKenzie: “It was hard from the standpoint that you don’t have current film, but he has a ton of film from the year before. So, you know what kind of player he is from his earlier years’ tape and we were at the pro day and we had that on film. We kind of notice conditioning and what he had looked like at the time and we knew what he played like. That’s the only reason we drafted him, because we liked the way he played. We were comfortable with him trying to grow from that situation.” Q: Going back to Derek Carr, was there any thought to trading back up to try to get Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater? McKenzie: “I wanted the picks. There were some teams calling and seeing if we wanted to move up, but I was OK with just sitting there and taking the best player.” Q: What stood out for you as far as Carr goes? Why did you like Carr so much in the whole pre-draft process? McKenzie: “In evaluating him, we thought he could definitely throw the ball. He was athletic. All the things that we were looking for in a quarterback, we felt like he had. He played different styles of offense. He played under center, and of course he played in the spread offense. Bottom line, he was an extremely smart football player, he knew how to read defenses. He was one of those guys that you knew he knew how to play the position. We had a chance to get a really good player, and we jumped at it.”