So far, Black Monday is really just Battleship Gray Monday. Recent speculation pegged the number of head coaches put out to pasture (or go out on their own) at close to a dozen. It’s not been that bad. Dirk Koetter is sticking around in Tampa, Hue Jackson gets to keep slamming his forehead against his desk in Cleveland, John Elway’s having second thoughts about poopcanning Vance Joseph out in Denver. With Marvin Lewis still handwringing in Cincy as of this afternoon and Jon Gruden assuredly taking over in Oakland, the openings are as follow: Lions, Colts, Giants, Cardinals, Bears. That’s not a ton for Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. But it’s enough. Before engaging in some informed speculation, one quick aside – did any head coaching candidate ever enjoy a more over-the-top trumpeting by the national football media than Hue Jackson in 2015? Swear to God, back in late 2015, every time Andy Dalton picked up a third-and-3 in Cincinnati there’d be an avalanche of “GIVE HUE A JOB!!!!” tweets clogging up my timeline. It was an embarrassing example of media groupthink and – now that HUE!!!! is 1-31 and saying with a straight face that nobody could have done the job he did over the past 32 games – it’s all quiet on the HUE!!!! front except for those who’ll say he’s been tethered to a bad situation. A victim of coicamstance. Whatever. Back to the Patriots coordinators, McDaniels first. The Giants and Colts have reached out to McDaniels. The Bears reportedly have McDaniels at the top of their wish list. Chicago already has McDaniels’ younger brother, Ben, on staff as an offensive assistant. If the Lions are going to keep offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter on staff – and there are indications that’s the case even as head coach Jim Caldwell and some of the offensive assistants are released – then that’s probably not a palatable situation for McDaniels. Too much potential for philosophical differences and power struggles. If Detroit reaches out, I wouldn’t bank on McDaniels going there. Even though they have a very good quarterback, a deep-pockets owner and a former Patriots executive (Bob Quinn) as GM, McDaniels needs to walk into a situation that’s got everyone pulling their oars at the same speed and in the same direction. Patricia would be a better fit and the Lions have reached out to him.