Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy might never be the meanest or orneriest player on the field, but the generally good-natured 2012 Pro Bowler is trying to play the game with a little more anger. “Ninety-nine (Bucs Hall of Famer Warren Sapp) told me he needs to see more, I guess you could say (anger) from me,” McCoy said. “He said I don’t necessarily have to be angry, but it needs to look like I’m angry.” McCoy certainly showed an angry side in Sunday’s 41-28 victory against Atlanta. After Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan slipped through his hands on a play, McCoy got up off the ground and screamed “Dang it. Daaaaaaaang it.’’ As angry as McCoy was then, he had reason to be quite happy after recording three sacks, three tackles for loss, four quarterback hits and a pass breakup. It was easily McCoy’s most productive game, at least statistically, and he expects more like it. “My knowledge of the game, knowing what’s coming at me (has improved),” McCoy said. “And, really, (I’m) being more physical. It’s my ‘want to’ that’s going up. I’m just trying to improve on my physicality.” Bucs coach Greg Schiano has seen improvement from last year, which was McCoy’s first full season in the NFL after two injury-marred seasons. “Coming off the injury two years ago, he had dominating get-off and had a really good year,” Schiano said. “Now he’s taking that and incorporating that into different things, different techniques.