In his first six full major league seasons, Brian McCann has played in six All-Star games, won an All-Star game MVP, won five Silver Slugger awards, accumulated more home runs, RBIs, extra-base hits and game-winning hits than any catcher in baseball, won a lot of games, smiled a lot, never caused a riff and has proved to be so genuine and honest that he probably wouldn't know a magic muscle-inflating pill if one did a backflip into his morning Cocoa Puffs. "He puts up numbers, and he did it even when other guys were taking performance-enhancers," Braves teammate David Ross said. "He's more like, 'How many Advil should I take?' I can't corrupt him. He won't even drink a Red Bull. I want to punch him." All of which makes you wonder how it could be that the Braves and McCann may part ways at some point in the near future.