Not many players should enjoy a better free agency than catcher Brian McCann. McCann's consistent offensive numbers his relative youth and even his serious attitude should aid him as he approaches the free-agent market. But another big plus is the large number of big-market teams that'll be seeking a catcher. Early predictions that he could reach $100 million may be a bit ambitious but it has to help that the Red Sox Yankees Rangers Cubs and Angels all are candidates to sign a catcher and could be major McCann players. The Blue Jays and White Sox are among ther teams that could have an interest as well. The Giants and Rockies are said to like McCann very much but Colorado is very unlikely to be able to afford him and it's hard to imagine how the San Francisco would make it work with superstar catcher Buster Posey and young first baseman Brandon Belt. The incumbent Braves like McCann but are sure to spend their money elsewhere considering their tight budget with a player payroll that has stayed between $90 million and $100 million six straight years and a decent catching situation with Evan Gattis and prospect Christian Bethancourt a defensive whiz as young cost-effective alternatives.