If Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti had been in charge of NFL relocation, it doesn't sound like the Chargers would have ended up in his city. During a recent interview on "The Dan Patrick Show," Garcetti was asked if L.A. might have been better off with just one team (the Rams) after going 22 years with no team at all. "Absolutely, and I said that at the time," Garcetti said. "Both the Raiders and the Chargers, it would have been nice if they could have stayed put where they are, because Oakland and San Diego have huge fan bases, there's a big tradition." One fan who attended the Chargers' home opener definitely heard Garcetti's interview because he made a sign celebrating the mayor's comments. Garcetti, who watched the Raiders and Rams leave L.A. as a kid, seemed to truly empathize with Chargers fans who watched their team leave San Diego after the 2016 season. "My heart goes out to folks in San Diego. I remember as a kid what it was like to lose not just one, but two teams," Garcetti said.