When Padres general manager Josh Byrnes discovered earlier this week that outfielder Cameron Maybin had a ruptured left biceps tendon, he had but one thought. "I thought he was done for the season," Byrnes said on Thursday. But after Maybin visited team doctors in San Diego earlier on Thursday, he decided against surgery -- a decision that the medical staff wholeheartedly agreed with. "Our doctors saw his diagnostics and talked to Cam and decided [recovery] will be healing and the rehab route before we get him back to activity. "But the strong consensus was no surgery." Byrnes said it's still too soon to know a timeline for Maybin's return, though it could be as soon as four to six weeks, he said. The original timeline, after an MRI on Monday, was two to three months and possibly longer if Maybin opted for surgery. But when the Padres took a closer look at Maybin's situation, it became apparent to them that surgery wasn't necessarily the best option and wasn't the only absolute path to healing. Maybin suffered the injury making a diving catch Sunday in a game against the Dodgers. The Padres were relieved to hear that he suffered no damage to the shoulder capsule or rotator cuff.