Canada's captain Maxime Comtois was the victim of cyberbullying after missing a penalty shot in his team's loss to Finland in the world juniors quarterfinal game.

The Anaheim Ducks prospect took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to the spiteful comments and thank those who stood up for him.

"Thank you, everyone, for the kind words towards me and my family," Comtois said. "Cyberbullying is a real threat. No one should go through that. Let's prevent it. If you are getting bullied or ever had been please speak up."

Included in those who offered kind words for Comtois was Sidney Crosby, who offered advice to the 19-year-old and said the penalty shot won't "define who he is."

Comtois also wrote a heartfelt message to his teammates and Canadian fans despite exiting the tournament without a medal: