As you might expect, a whole lot of teams are interested in acquiring Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer before the MLB trade deadline, which is rapidly approaching.

Even with a recent triceps issue and the competitive balance tax implications for some teams, that hasn’t stopped numerous organizations from foaming at the mouth at the possibility of having Scherzer for the stretch run. Right now, there are a reported nine or so teams interested in a trade for the 37-year-old pitcher, who is having yet another fine season, with a 2.83 ERA and 142 strikeouts in 18 starts and 105 innings pitched. The three-time Cy Young winner and future Hall of Famer has a 135 ERA+ as well and made his eighth All-Star game this year.

Most importantly here, Max Scherzer has a career 3.38 postseason ERA in 112 innings pitched.

So who is going to land him? And do any of these teams have a chance to sign him to an extension after this season?


9. New York Yankees

Max Scherzer has a no-trade clause and he reportedly has no interest in playing for either of the New York teams, so this is pretty much a non-starter, but the Yankees have certainly inquired, as you might expect.


8. New York Mets

See above. But again, you know the Mets are kicking the tires on their in-division rival, which would be… complicated, because one would also assume New York would be one of the few teams willing and able to sign Scherzer to an extension.