When Max Kellerman isn't going toe-to-toe with Stephen A. Smith on First Take occupies, he does a lot of other stuff for ESPN. For example, he hosts his own radio show, which doesn't get nearly the coverage that his soundbites on studio shows get. Such is the nature of TV vs. radio in sports media nowadays.

All that is to say that, for the first time I can remember, I watched a segment of Kellerman's radio show today. And he was good! Obviously Kellerman has more to offer than simply being Stephen A.'s foil on the network's most popular debate show; everyone with as high a profile as Kellerman over at ESPN does a little bit of everything in addition to whichever primary duty made them the stars they are today. It was a reminder that the hard-line, bordering on irrational opinions thrown out on shows like First Take are part of the performance. Kellerman's segment below details exactly what impact he believes Andre Drummond will have on the Lakers with measured opinions backed up by solid reasoning, the kind of conversation you have over drinks with your smart basketball friends.

I'm sure the fact that I found this at all noteworthy is perhaps worth some introspection on my part, but we can save that for another day. And none of that is to say I agree entirely with Kellerman that Drummond will average 20 points and 15 rebounds for the Lakers.