The Carolina Panthers will be up for sale after the 2017 NFL season, in the wake of Jerry Richardson being investigated by the NFL for a workplace misconduct scandal, and they should fetch a pretty penny as one of just 32 NFL franchises. Multiple celebrities, including Diddy, have expressed interest. In fact, it might be difficult to find a rich person who does NOT want to be involved in potentially purchasing an NFL team that is up for sale. And yet, the Dallas Morning-News managed to do just that when it talked to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban "Why would I buy an NFL team if I think the league is in decline?" Cuban told Brad Townsend of the Morning-News when asked about the Panthers being up for sale. Cuban has been notably outspoken against the NFL in years past, pointing out that the NFL is risking a lot by trying to force a franchise into Las Vegas, and that the NFL is getting "hoggy" and getting too greedy when it comes to trying to make money (Robert Kraft would disagree with his assessment). Pressed about the issue on Monday night, Cuban hedged a little bit and said he just would never want to own a team other than the Mavericks. "There's no team I would want other than the Mavericks, certainly no football team in the universe," Cuban said. "There's not even a close second.