As a 35-year-old who enjoys traveling the world during NBA off-seasons, Shawn Marion has a provocative view of life and the league in which he’s excelled for 15 seasons. So when he was asked Sunday whether he has any advice for new NBA commissioner Adam Silver, Marion got an E.F. Hutton reaction from reporters when he began to speak. Marion said he wouldn’t mind it at all if the NBA expanded with a franchise or two in Europe. Marion also opined that while NBA teams should continued to be required spend a minimum amount annually on player salaries, the league should do away with its salary cap. “I could see no cap and everybody doing what you want to do,” he said. “Baseball does it. If you want to go out and spend $200 million on your team (payroll), go ahead and do it. “It can’t guarantee that you’re going to win, but why not? If you’ve got the money to do it, why not? “There shouldn’t be a cutoff on what people want to spend for their teams, but there should be a minimum that have to spend, so you definitely put a good product on the floor.” Speaking of the product, Marion has another recommendation for Silver. “I think the age requirement for coming into the league should be higher,” he said. Since the 2006 draft, the minimum requirements have been that players must have turned 19 during the calendar year of the draft and have been out of high school for one year. Silver’s predecessor, David Stern, has long been a proponent of adding a year to those requirements. “It should be at least two years (out of high school),” Marion said. “Two to three years, minimum.” Marion played two seasons at a junior college and one season at UNLV before declaring for the draft. Marion didn’t single out anyone by name on Sunday, but the timing of his comments was interesting. They came on the same morning in which coach Rick Carlisle said the Mavericks need rookies Shane Larkin and Ricky Ledo “and all our young guys to always have an edge and always be competitive as possible.”