It's probably happened before, but the sight of a 6-11 center on the active roster strolling into the media dining area at halftime of a game to get a hot dog certainly was out of the norm Saturday afternoon. Hey, Nerlens Noel's body was telling him it was lunch time. Such is how the body clock works on an afternoon game. Noel came in, got a dog (plain, no mustard or relish) and got back to the locker room. The scene apparently did not play any part in him being the only Maverick who did not get off the bench in the blowout victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. "I heard the hot dogs were very good," coach Rick Carlisle joked. "Hey, I may have had one, too. But I may have sent a ball boy." That would be good advice for Noel next time. "Most definitely," he said. "It was a different schedule. I was starving. I had to throw something in there to give me the fuel just in case coach called on me."" That didn't happen. Noel got his fourth consecutive DNP-CD. He has not played more than six minutes in any game since Nov. 4 at Minnesota.