Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew said he is “confident” his left ankle injury will allow him to play Sunday at Seattle. Jones-Drew sat out practice today at San Jose State University headquarters for the Jaguars this week while they stay on the West Coast between games against Oakland and the Seahawks. Jones-Drew clarified when the injury happened – his left ankle stuck in the ground after he was tackled high by Raiders safety Charles Woodson. Linebacker Nick Roach rolled into Jones-Drew’s right ankle but that was not injured. “I feel like I’ll be fine” Jones-Drew said. “It’s kind of a little setback but we’ll see how things go today and hopefully I’ll be out there tomorrow or Friday.” Jones-Drew said the swelling in the ankle had gone down today but some remains. Jones-Drew said Woodson’s tackle wasn’t a dirty play. “A great play for a guy his age to kind of sell out to do that” Jones-Drew said. “I thought it was a horse-collar but he made a phenomenal play. It [stunk] that my foot didn’t come out of the turf like I thought it would.”