Maurice Jones-Drew received some welcome news Tuesday when Florida state prosecutors announced that charges would not be filed against him. The Jacksonville Jaguars running back was accused of an attack on a security guard at The Conch House in St. Augustine, Fla., on May 25. "Based on the facts and the law the State cannot establish the charge beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt," Assistant State Attorney Christopher France wrote in a court filing. With Jones-Drew in the clear legally, the understanding is that he will not be suspended. The NFL traditionally does not suspend a player who is not charged -- that works in his favor. In addition, he has no history of bad behavior. The expectation is that he'll be on the field for Week 1. Hank Coxe, Jones-Drew's lawyer, said "almost definitely not" when asked if MJD will pursue legal action after the vicious statements by opposing counsel were proven false by the release of the video.